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Professional Chimney Repair in Spartanburg

Have the extreme weather conditions finally taken a toll on your fireplace? Are you worried that the heavy rainfall has left your chimney battered? There is a lot that a fireplace is exposed to, including wind, water, snow, ice, scorching heat, and the blistering cold.

It will surely work in your favor if you know about people who can handle chimney repair in Spartanburg. Do you know how dangerous putting off chimney repair can be? Do you realize that chimneys can even erode and topple over with time?

Yes, fireplace repair in Spartanburg should never be taken lightly. Timely intervention can save you from many problems, and this is what Onyx Chimney Sweeps is here for!

Want To Ensure Safety? The Best Chimney Repair In Spartanburg Is The Answer!

If you are anywhere near Spartanburg, you don't ever have to worry about fireplace repairs. We are always available at your side. Our experience since 1994 allows us to understand what can go wrong with a chimney. We have the team and the equipment to handle it all. So don't stress yourself unnecessarily and allow us to take care of it.

The thing is, amateurs can't understand what is wrong with the fireplace and the work it requires. That's something that needs expertise, and this is what we are here for.

The Best Fireplace Repair In Spartanburg For You!

What do we offer as part of our services for fireplace repair in Spartanburg? When can you reach out to us without any inhibitions? Let's find out!


The mortar joints of the fireplace can deteriorate with time. They can then be a source for water to enter, causing premature failure of the fireplace. Don't worry. We will take care of it in no time and ensure that no cracks remain behind in your chimney structure.

Flue Relining

Flue relining, if installed and maintained, can do a world of good to the fireplace. Using a chimney with a damaged liner can be disastrous as it allows the buildup of creosote. Give us a call to handle the flue relining and prevent your chimney from becoming a fire hazard.

Flue liners also serve as a medium to expel harmful gasses from entering your home. Trust us to handle this job to perfection!

Chimney Crown And Caps Replacement

Damaged crown can't hold the water out. Thus, water penetrates the internal and external surface of the fireplace, damaging it irreversibly.

The crown and caps seal the top of the chimney, protecting it from water and preventing erosion. Surely you wouldn't want to worry about chimney repair in Spartanburg ever so often. Replacing the crowns and caps can help you out, and you can contact us for the job. We will get it done in a jiffy!

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